Feedback: Disconnected Youth

Earlier today Secretary of Education Arne Duncan posted a piece on Medium on the need to connect more youth.

All young people — no matter where they grow up — need havens of hope and safety. They need skills to succeed in society and the workplace. They need positive adult role models, mentors, support and structure, as well as clear pathways to a bright future.

He goes on to say that we need an all-hands-on-deck effort to reconnect these youth:

If we care about our country’s future, we must work together – at the local, state and federal levels –to reconnect all young people with the education and career pathways that lead away from poverty, desperation and violence and toward a renewed sense of community, stability, and success.

Secretary Duncan asked to hear your ideas:

Now it’s your turn to weigh in and highlight success. Share with us how people and organizations are helping recconnect youth in your community. We want to hear what’s working and to share examples with communities across the country. To do what’s right for our young people, we have no time to lose.

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