Don’t Pay for Student Loan Debt Relief

Have student loans? You’ve probably seen social media ads, received emails, or even opened a piece of mail from companies promising to reduce your monthly loan payments or cancel your loans.

But here’s the catch. These companies are doing something you can do yourself, but they’ll charge you a fee.

The U.S. Department of Education provides FREE assistance to help you:

  • Lower or cap your monthly loan payment;
  • Consolidate your federal loans;
  • See if you qualify for loan forgiveness;
  • Get advice on getting out of default

Help get the word out, and help protect your friends and family from student loan scams. Watch and share the video below, and visit to learn more.


  1. My name is Max and I am struggling to figure out what is really wrong with a simple name change I had upon becoming a US citizen.

    Prior to 2013 all my FAFSA details and student aid history was under my old name as a Permanent Resident.

    After 2013 since I was to become a naturalized US citizen, I change my name legally with the court. Since I could not change my name on FAFSA online, I was told to open a new account under my new legal name and send the documentary proof of name change. I did that.
    Since then the FAFSA has been saying I have no financial aid history under my new name and when I try to check FAFSA under my old name I am denied as having multiple records! I sent all the proof they need but nothing is happening in transferring all my data from the old name into the new one.

    Can you help me because I cannot go to others chools as my SAR says name and SSN do not match, therefore no aid records. I have reached the point where I must now involve my Senators or seek a lawyer.

    Please help. I am really at the end of my thread.
    Max, EL Paso, TX.

  2. I was following up on my deferment request from student loan relief, Jason Spencer’s company. I have left several email messages to three email addresses and made several phone calls. What’s weird is a teleservice is answering in which a live person says that the number is no longer in service. Then asks how can I Help you. So I ask for the number to Student Loan Relief and she tells me she doesn’t have access to that info. I’m deeply concerned because I don’t know what’s happening with my loan. Last contact I had was probably in May 2015. They disappeared. Advice please?

  3. I am trying to find out how I can I be in default when I have been attending Mid America Christian University. I really need to fix this issue. I just received the letter last thursday tell me this. I have not got anyone in office. I would be very thankful for your help.

    • Amanda, you need to go to the school’s office and get them to complete an in-school deferment form back to the day you started. Don’t be afraid to contact the loan company and let them know you have been in school. They will help you with that. It is obvious that they haven’t been told you are in school.

  4. I have been teaching preschool for 20 years. Now finishing masters of early childhood education. Now doing student teaching no job now with school loans from under grad/grad program. Plan on teaching Kindergarten and then opening center.
    Please help me!!!!!!

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