Operating with Accountability and Transparency

Earlier this year, Zenith Education Group, a nonprofit provider of career school training, purchased more than 50 Everest and WyoTech campuses from Corinthian Colleges Inc. By stepping in to avoid a sudden shutdown of Corinthian, Zenith and the Department ensured that thousands of students had the opportunity to continue their education with minimal disruption and with significant savings in taxpayer investments.

As a condition to the transfer of Corinthian schools to Zenith, the Department required Zenith to make significant commitments to students, including raising the quality of its career training and counseling, improving affordability by reducing tuition and providing grant aid, and focusing on student outcomes.  Zenith also agreed to a series of operating standards to protect students, which included the hiring of an independent monitor to ensure the company operates with integrity and transparency on behalf of students and in accordance with our expectations and federal regulations.

Improving transparency and accountability in higher education is a core priority for the U.S. Department of Education.  To further our commitment to that transparency, the Department has agreed to release Zenith’s monthly monitor reports.  The first five of those monthly reports, along with an executive summary are provided here.  The Department will also regularly release future Zenith Monitor reports.

I am pleased with the progress that Zenith has shown in its first few months of operating these schools.  In particular, I am pleased that Zenith has, in fact, followed through with its pledges of eliminating its poorest performing programs, reducing tuition by 20 percent, implementing its school choice and refund programs, and beginning the process of right-sizing its enrollment.  We look forward to reviewing future monitor reports to ensure that Zenith is in compliance with all its regulatory obligations and the conduct provisions commitments it made during the sale.

Executive Summary


Ted Mitchell is U.S. Under Secretary of Education.