U.S. High School Graduation Rate Hits New Record High

“The hard work of teachers, administrators, students and their families has made these gains possible and as a result many more students will have a better chance of going to college, getting a good job, owning their own home, and supporting a family. We can take pride as a nation in knowing that we’re seeing promising gains, including for students of color.” 

– Secretary Arne Duncan

America’s students are graduating from high school at a higher rate than ever before, reaching 82 percent in 2013-14!

What’s more, the gap between white students and black and Hispanic students receiving high school diplomas continues to narrow, and traditionally underserved populations like English language learners and students with disabilities continue to make gains, the data show.

Check out the data for yourself on the NCES website.


  1. The parents and the politcans just don’t get it. Unless you have been a teacher you don’t get it. A pilot must be current to fly
    Most of the administrators have not been in the classroom in ten years. They like, the mon= and the ability to blame the teachers. We need to follow the thinking Google where the brightness people on the planet interact and dump the dated models like NCLB. Mangers do not hire at Google. The current education system is based on nepotism and dumb hiring and promoting the dumber.

  2. In follow up of earlier comments about raising the scores of elementary grade students who suffer from dyslexia. What about it? In terms of the
    new federal law (Every Student Succeeds Act) opening up a new outreach
    for minority students who are poor and who suffer from the above affliction? Sure, an early intervention tied to the mobilizing of inner city churches could be significant as After School Reading Centers. Dramatically, the Center for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnership needs to develop a national outreach that makes contacts with African American and Mexican American Churches that abound in the inner city. These worship centers usually located in areas of economic decline and
    neighborhoods that can benefit from Revitalization if the Center for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Intervention would become sensitized enough to facilitate sites for After School Programs and Community Meals receiving direct funding from the Promise Neighborhood and Promise Zone National Initiatives. After School Programs helped out by these two (2) might streams of resources could also open the gate for resources from this opulent society in seeing to it impoverished Children and Adults also are targeted for after school educational services as supported by schools & churches. Just wishing that dyslexia would go away is not going to work as a miracle! Members from the church preferably minority males who are skilled in surviving via bilinqual tongues, other forms of ethnic dialect, and hip hop language forms,

    As a fantastic cultural movement those who’ve been left out of a
    radically changed labor economy could now be the founding instructors. And how wonderful that would be! Of course, these innovative and revolutionary interventions will have to be supported by Title I Funding. Launched with precise targeting. Yes, teaching literacy in the most comprehensive way possible, greater than what was done by Northern white public school teachers as the civil war wind down and down, before and after the Union invasion of the South. This grand feat of industrial powers defeating agricultural anarchy left really nobody behind in terms of organic dynamism, and I believe it can be replicated again if people of
    common vision are allowed to get in on the planning & implementation stages of something perpetual for at least the next decade. Truly, it’s said that parental involvement must reach its apex and what better time now than later. Parents in the public schools have to become policy brokers while serving as a direct liaison between the churches and schools, already located right across the street from each other, but having no relationship at all because of weak & unfocused leadership coming from Washington. Look how long it took to reauthorize the Elementary and Secondary Education Schools Act? Congrats to the
    American Public it’s all over now and this time around we’re going to
    have barriers and obstacles eliminated so that real talent from the grassroots can come forth and consult with those who lead national
    and world denominations and their counterparts in the World of
    Education. Absolutely, there’s room for everyone to become active in restoring the uniqueness of America throughout the balance of the 21st Century. Let’s meet this historical challenge …. May the public transform leadership model of the Department’s Center for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnership. What other way can we keep America strong & free?

  3. Thank you for posting grad rates by subgroup for each state. My state (NH) did not post subgroup grad rates for 2013-14 , so there’s no way to see if the gaps from prior years are improving, especially in high schools with wide gaps.

  4. Wonderful news!
    If you would like to see a 21% rise in reading scores of fourth graders, check out the November issues of Harvard Medical School about early intervention for dyslexics and the Journal of Pediatrics about the persistent gap of low reading scores due to inadequate remediation of dyslexia. Sponsor early intervention for screening and diagnosing dyslexia. Then make sure public school teachers can deliver the needed instruction in synthetic phonics and multi-sensory instruction. Teaching literacy skills effectively makes a stronger America!

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