Join Us for President Obama’s Final State of the Union


President Obama will deliver his final State of the Union this evening.

When the President took office seven years ago, our country was involved in two wars and facing the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. With his leadership and the determination of the American people, our country has made extraordinary progress.

In his last State of the Union, the President will lay out the ways that we, as the American people, can once again come together in pursuit of a country worthy of generations to come.

In each year since 2009, the President’s State of the Union addresses have bookmarked pivotal moments in the story of our nation: from expanding universal, affordable health care to securing the most ambitious global agreement ever to combat climate change.

Check out each speech — complete with videos, graphics, and stories from the staffers behind the policies.

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Meet all the inspiring people who will be joining the First Lady. Read their stories and watch them receive their invitations.


  1. on obama’s state of the union address, he mentioned that on student loans(I have federal loans) there was a program where you only have to pay 10% of your annual income on what you owe on student loans.How do I find out about this.The last time I tried to do this ,I got own this site which said it was a obama forgiveness program and had to turn it in to the F.T.C. for identity fraud.Can you direct me to the right source

  2. Wonderful positive speech. President Obama is a truthful hard working man. Cares about middle class Americans and is fighting for our good. This family supports him 100% on his gun control proposal. Especially his proposal for more financial help for treatment of mental disorders/addiction. President Obama makes my husband and me proud to call ourselves democrats!

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