A Message from the Secretary of Education to ITT Students

Dear ITT student,

Today, ITT Educational Services, Inc. (ITT) announced that it is closing all of its ITT Technical Institute campuses. For most of the world, that news will be covered as a business story or a political one, but I know that for you it is deeply personal. You are probably wondering what this means for your future; how it is going to affect your finances and your ability to continue your education.

In recent years, ITT has increasingly been the subject of numerous state and federal investigations. In August, ITT’s accreditor, the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS) determined that ITT “is not in compliance, and is unlikely to become in compliance with [ACICS] Accreditation Criteria.” This came amid increasingly heightened financial oversight measures put in place by the Department over the past two years due to significant concerns about ITT’s administrative capacity, organizational integrity, financial viability, and ability to serve students.

The school’s decisions have put its students and millions of dollars in taxpayer-funded federal student aid at risk. Last week, the Department of Education took oversight actions to prevent ITT from continuing to add to that risk. When we made that decision, we did not take it lightly. One possible outcome of oversight actions is that a school may choose to close rather than take corrective actions, which can cause disruption and disappointment for current students. Ultimately, we made a difficult choice to pursue additional oversight in order to protect you, other students, and taxpayers from potentially worse educational and financial damage in the future if ITT was allowed to continue operating without increased oversight and assurances to better serve students.

We are committed to helping you as you consider next steps. Most immediately, you have two basic options to choose between:

  1. If you are currently or were recently enrolled at ITT, you may be eligible to have your federal student loans for your program at ITT discharged. Your federal loan debt will be wiped away and you will have the option of restarting your education somewhere new. We will post and update information about how to receive a discharge at our ITT announcements page.
  2. If you wish to continue and complete your program at a different school – especially if you are close to graduating – you may be able to transfer your credits. It is important to note that transferring your credits may limit your ability to have your federal loans discharged. Closed school discharge may be an option if you enroll in a different program that does not accept your ITT credits.

Both of these options have pros and cons, depending on your unique circumstances, so it is important that you consider your specific situation carefully. You can find some information to start with at our ITT announcements page. The Department’s Office of Federal Student Aid is ready to support you with resources and information, including through this website, and will be updating you with more information in the coming days and weeks.

Whatever you choose to do, do not give up on your education. Higher education remains the clearest path to economic opportunity and security. Restarting or continuing your education at a high-quality, reputable institution may feel like a setback today, but odds are it will pay off in the long run. There are people and tools – like our College Scorecard – out there to help you pick a program that gives you a real shot at success.

I am proud of your hard work and dedication, and we will do all we can to continue to provide information to you on your options.


John B. King Jr., U.S. Secretary of Education


  1. We are in a similar situation to Diego and, I’m sure, countless others. My husband graduated from ITT around 2004. The promises made by ITT during enrollment (such as credits being transferable to most accredited universities, job placement assistance, and high-wage salaries attainable upon graduation) all proved to be 100 percent false. The only thing gained from ITT was an essentially useless degree and over a decade of strangling student loan debt, I am thankful to our government for finally bringing this devious entity to an end so that no other hopeful students can get drawn in by their lies. I am also counting on our government to recognize the full scope of ITT’s deceptive practices and offer loan forgiveness/recovery for all (present AND past) students. Thank you

    • You are certainly right I started with their new program criminal justice we was the second class to take this program at that school coming in Grand Rapids I was over 40 they lied to me and never informed me that do to my age I wouldn’t be eligible for a lot of the jobs out there. I was on the Dean’s List I drove from Lansing Michigan to the campus and Grand Rapids ITT Tech the credit for being an out-of-state student and never got help with any grants for gas I did it for the first year and stop so disappointed in listen to speakers come to the school and say when they cut off Ages was for the job and I knew I would never be able to ever work them

  2. I went to ITT Tech Phoenix campus for the CADD program (AAS) in 1997-98. During that period of time within 5 month the program went from AutoDesk 12, to 13 then to 14. and all my class got was an addendum to the commands for autodesk 12, while the newer classes were getting more current instructions and information, our class muddled through with students being teachers aids to help everyone get the new stuff. Problem is by this time HighSchool students were taking autodesk acad as an “elective”

    so my great ambition of drafting for 16.00 an hour or so went out the window to a stereotypical teenager who lives at home with mom and dad and practically no bills and will accept 9.00 an hour. Not that an AAS will get you far, but I brought up to ITT Tech a year after graduation about refresher courses for those who didn’t get to take the updated course during that time. I was told yes…..wait for it. I was told yes for 3000.00 a semester and I had pay for my books. by now autodesk 2000 was lout…I now owe 32,000.00 and haven’t made even enough monthly to start a payment in that time. yes since 1998 I have been under forbearance.

  3. I also attended ITT tech from 2007-2009 and was lied to about how much I would owe. My husband and I are both on the same boat with debt and are having a hard time paying. The education was not worth 45,000.

  4. Hi I was a student at ITT Technical Institutefrom 1998 – 2000. I had several federal student loans taken out to pay my tuition. Eventually maxing out what I was qualified for. My mother was a single parent making less than 9/h while taking care of five kids.

    While attending ITT, we were told that our credits would be able to transfer to public institutions. We were also told of high paying jobs after graduating. After graduating, I applied at a local university and they said none of my credit would transfer from ITT. I I also was unable to get a job in the tech field with my AAS degree even though I graduated with a high GPA. I also become behind on my student loans and they went into default. I’ve had to go into forbearance. And because I had maxed out my sudent loans and was in default I had to pay for attendance at the university out of own pocket while paying my rent. After many part time jobs and starting school over again, I was able to start paying my loans at the bear minimum. Eventually I ended up consolidated my loans to bring my payments down to be affordable. Today after 16 years, I am still paying that loan off which is still over 30k.

    I understand there is currently a lawsuit against ITT as well as other For-Profit schools who have taken advantage of students like me. I’d like to know if there is a fogivness program and how I can be added to the complaint list towards the institution? Any guidance would be appreciated.

    Robert Tsai
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  5. Half of my GI Bill gone, 4 classes from graduating, and it’s all gone. 18 months of working around the clock, washed away by the Board’s decision and its refusal to work with ITT. There are no other schools in my area that will accept credits from ITT, and with half of my GI Bill spent, I have no chance of completing a degree without racking up debt that I can’t afford. Instead of targeting for-profit education, you should be targeting the lenders. Your foolishness will hit veterans the hardest, who, under current legislation, get nothing back. It would appear that your regime has no respect for the military, and while ITT tech may not be innocent, the Department of Education is to blame for the closing. The requirements set out that ITT Tech had to meet were nearly impossible to reach within the timeframe; 30 days to pool $247 million when their value was around $98 million, while disallowing any new enrollments coming from their primary sources? The decision alone caused their market shares to fall 35%. It seems not one thought was given to how this decision would play out, it was only done thoughtlessly to achieve one goal – closing for profit schools, and the reasons cited above are simply justification.

  6. I graduated in June from ITT and I don’t have my diploma yet. ITT in sylma had called me last week and told me that I can pick up my diploma. Now that this had happened how can I get my diploma? Please help.

  7. How likely is it that I can transfer my credits to another College I only had 2 more classes until I was done I was going to graduate in December or was the last 2 years for nothing.

  8. All the nursing students want is A letter of Completion and the opportunity to sit for NCLEX-RN examination for our graduating class of September and December 2016! Can we get that! Instead of sending the same emails that says the same thing NOTHING! And leaving us to find another school to help us! Knowing it’s hard for them to help us.

  9. I graduated in 2010 I just want to know how do I get rid of my det I have no job n my field schools wanted me to start over cause they did not accept credits on I owe so much because of this school

  10. I graduated i am with one of the classes that just graduated recently meaning sept right before u closed down. I dont know if our info was sent to the boards were even sent so we can sit for our nclex exam. Because i officially finished can i still take my boards. They canceled our pinning ceremony where we were supposed to get our diplomas so we dont have them.

  11. I worked hard at Itt tech I was 2nd quarter in my bachelors I attended every class got straight A and now these people can just close because there having financial issues the same company that suppose to have had 850 million dollars just last year. When did it start being about the money and stop being about the student. I been told by schools all my associated credits will not transfer. They should discharge my loans take this trashy degree and give me a fresh start to my education I don’t want the degree I can’t go no where with it. I wanted my bachelors. Schools a joke why is the dept or Ed just letting them run with $850 million dollars is there nothing we can do to these greedy people that thrive off Lower and middle class people trying to make something of themselves pethetic

  12. I was about to graduate from ITT in nursing degree in Feb 2017. Pls guide us on how we can transfer our credits to another school. I can’t do this all over again. I have put one and a half year of hard work into this program. Pls suggest options.

  13. I have 3 classes left before I graduate. now what do I do? I wasted 2 years for what reason? I did attend the Louisville, KY school and nothing really transfers to another local school.

  14. I have been saying for years, that ITT took advantage of me. Lied about the money I was going to make. I tried to transfer, but the credits don’t transfer.
    Just because the Gov. Just now decided to listen to the students doesn’t mean that we haven’t been trying to get your attention. This should be able to go back on all ITT students that currently have federal loans made by ITT.

  15. Well you keep not displaying my comments are you going to get Harvard, Yale, And Columbia to except our credits or are they only for rich people like the Secretary and not for veterans. . Not a duplicate.

  16. September 3rd 2016 was my last class.. I was suppose to graduate on the 23rd, what does this mean for me??

  17. Well you keep not displaying my comments are you going to get Harvard, Yale, And Columbia to except our credits or are they only for rich people like the Secretary and not for veterans. .

  18. this is a mass why cant we move the loan money that we have to a different school if we want to go on in our edu . I only been in itt-teck online for three mounts now and the school closes. how do keep going to school that will tack the hours that I do have at itt-teck.

  19. Those of us who have already graduated from ITT Tech, but feel slighted, especially in light of recent events need to know if there is anything WE can do, and SO FAR, I haven’t heard anyone address THIS issue definitively.

    We need to know 1) Can WE get any help with loan forgiveness? 2) Is our degree now worthless? I have both an AAS from ITT Tech that I received in 2011, and a BS that I received from ITT Tech in 2013. I cannot get definitive answers out of anyone about this, and I think it’s about time people stopped being cagey about these issues and give us some straight answers.

  20. update: Another concern that i have is that my parent had to take out parent plus loans to help with my education. is possible to get those forgiven as well?

  21. I sure hope alumni are eligible for loan forgiveness.
    Graduated in 2010. With a degree, I was repeatedly insulted with minimum wage offers.
    Struggled through temp/seasonal/contract work for “experience”. It’s impossible to make a living on that kind of work.
    Due to difficulty of attaining a steady job that paid a living wage, I found myself homeless. For 3 years.

  22. People like myself and My wife deserve to have our debt wiped clean too. I guarantee anyone with a bachelors degree from literally any other college will get looked at before I will. Not to mention all the times the school failed me. They said I would make 80k a year fresh out of college and I don’t make anywhere near that. How about the time they failed me in two classes because THEY failed to provide me with books I had already paid for in my tuition. How about all the times they held onto my loans for months and could not give me any explanation or even so much as an estimated time of arrival and caused me to be late on my rent and bills. How about career services that failed to help me get a job out of college like they promised but then took credit for the job I found on my own. I can go on and on about how badly they failed me in so many ways…. On top of their failures I still have to struggle to pay the 80k in student loan debt between me and my wife. It’s absurd to think we have to pay for degrees that will be scoffed at.

  23. What about the Veteran and disabled Veterans? Once we use our education benefits they are gone. So what is being done for them?

  24. I have not benefited at all from my education at itt technical institute. The fast track program proved spacious at best. Only the work force was able to fill the gaps. Self educating was a strong point for me. I think these people prey on Military Personnel, saying that they accept the G.I. Bill. In the midst of it all promising job placement and a quality education was definitely a fluke at best. I would like all my DEBT from itt tech erased. Please and Thank You!

  25. What about the people that have graduated like my self with theses high school loans do we get any help or forgiveness with are loans or are we just stuck with them

  26. I’m a former graduate from 2008 I’m over 70k in debt from an associates degree I feel something has to be done for us to this is ridiculous

  27. I graduated from ITT Tech in June, 2007, and it put me in a huge financial hole of debt since then being that I was unable to find a job in the field that I studied, and ended up working in construction years later. I have not been able to begin paying on the loans that were taken out prior to my graduation and would like to know if I will be able to have them all discharged from my credit history.

    Urijah Guadalupe

  28. I have $41000 in loans for an associates degree. How is this right? Not counting the additional 7,000 I owe ITT separately, So 48,000 plus they received fully what I got in grants ,which was always the full amount and ITT supposed scholarship , that I somehow had to partially pay for? They talked out of both sides of there mouth. They knew they had you because you were not going to drop out and start over because you wanted to be an RN.

  29. I went to ITT for one year stopped for medical reasons and was forced to pay both years. This debt has hindered me from continuing my education. ITT not only scamed students but the emotional stress they have caused should also be acknowledged. The harassing phone calls, the way they pushed the loans on you without fully explaining the consequence. I hope that they forgive all loans given to this joke of a school.

  30. Hi My name is Andre Ortega, i graduated march of this year and i am making payments on my loans. I was wondering if i would qualify for the loan forgiveness as well.

    • Another concern that i have is that my parent had to take out parent plus loans to help with my education. is possible to get those forgiven as well?

  31. So I was in the medical assisting program at ITT-tech in Richardson, tx. I completed all my classes needed. My final quarter was just me doing my internship at a clinic. What am I supposed to do now? I was going to graduate December 4. And I heard this school doesn’t transfer and credits to other schools?!? We need more information then what is being given to us at this moment. This is devastating to me! And everyone who all had left was their internship. Please give us answers!!

  32. I am 46-year-old. I had 1 year to go. I am deeply hurt by ITT’s practices. It’s not easy at my age to even consider going back to school. So now I have to rethink the whole idea of continuing my education at this time. I have made a great sacrifice to go to college. Therefore I would like to discharge and receive student loan forgiveness you are offering. Thank you.

  33. “Choose a program that will give you a REAL shot at success”…cosidering the many thousands of successful ITT Graduates….who are now part of the American workforce it is disheartening to assume that the value of this for-profit education did not provide a foundation for success to many many graduates.

  34. I graduated from ITT in 2007 and was forced to take out two privates loans. I am stuck paying extremely high interest rates and very ending debt from them. Does the school closing help former students?

  35. I am in the same boat as everyone else; my class was due to graduate in March 2017. My question is will there be a Senate hearing or charges brought against the people who is responsible. This reminds me of the mortgage predatory lending crisis. Here is another episode of the rich getting richer and the everybody else just getting IT! I am a military veteran, and my other military veterans are getting the worst in of it, that was a part of our benefit we earned by serving or country. Now we have to take a lost because that money is gone in the pockets of the ones who is responsible but not help accountable. Wow! WILL THERE BE SOME ACCOUNTABILITY (LIKE ARREST, PROPERTY SEIZURE, SOMETHING)

  36. I graduated many years ago, but would still like to get a transcript. How do I do that? Will some repository collect and hold those records?

  37. What about the veterans I have almost completed my degree and only have 10 months left on my GI bill I can’t start over and try to pay this myself any way for us to get something back since the took 7000 a semester from us that we can’t get back.

  38. I was on scedule to graduate in Cyber security this quarter, and it would have taken all of my Post 911 benefits. I graduated with an Associates and was about to receive my Bachelors degree. If I have to go to another school or start over that means I would have to pay out of my own pocket and all of the benefits I earned for serving our nation was wasted. I read Congress was looking into this matter but it was on a stand point. Please advise. Thanks

  39. Hello,
    My name is Carlos. Im a graduate student from ITT-Tech. Im cirrently payinf off an overwelming debt. What are the options for the former students? Also, with the downfall of ITT-Tech will my degree still be valid?

  40. I graduated from the Mobile,Alabama campus in 2012. Still haven’t found a job in my field. Is the degrees no good? If not we shouldn’t still owe these loans. They ripped us all off apparently..will our credits transfer? I owe 80,000 for an education that I can’t do anything with.. any answers???

  41. I was heavily persuaded to attend this school at age 17 and got into a big debt without the competitive education they promised.

    I am back at a regular University but have a massive loan from this company. Can I apply for a discharge even though I graduated 2 years ago?

  42. Just 2 semesters away from completing and this happened. I know other schools don’t take this credits. I feel like a huge waste of time and money.
    Im very upset about this issue. something needs to be done.

  43. I went to ITT tech in 2005. They lied to me about my financial aid. They discontinued my program without tell us and kept us in classes. I’m a single mom of 3 who are close to college age and cannot help them because of the debt this school placed us under that’s 2 generations affected by this. We should all have a chance to start new. I’m scared to send my kids to college because of the mounting debt they face. I gave up on my education years ago. I felt there was and still is no hope for us. Please, someone hear our plea’s and help us.

  44. Please note that all of this disruption is being caused by the Dept. of Education. How many of you were generally pleased with your time at ITT before the Dept. of Education pressured them into closing?

  45. Alumni, and current students. Do any of you have information, or thoughts on filing charges against ITT? Im sure something can be done, I am all for it.

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