A Message from the Secretary of Education to ITT Students

Dear ITT student,

Today, ITT Educational Services, Inc. (ITT) announced that it is closing all of its ITT Technical Institute campuses. For most of the world, that news will be covered as a business story or a political one, but I know that for you it is deeply personal. You are probably wondering what this means for your future; how it is going to affect your finances and your ability to continue your education.

In recent years, ITT has increasingly been the subject of numerous state and federal investigations. In August, ITT’s accreditor, the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS) determined that ITT “is not in compliance, and is unlikely to become in compliance with [ACICS] Accreditation Criteria.” This came amid increasingly heightened financial oversight measures put in place by the Department over the past two years due to significant concerns about ITT’s administrative capacity, organizational integrity, financial viability, and ability to serve students.

The school’s decisions have put its students and millions of dollars in taxpayer-funded federal student aid at risk. Last week, the Department of Education took oversight actions to prevent ITT from continuing to add to that risk. When we made that decision, we did not take it lightly. One possible outcome of oversight actions is that a school may choose to close rather than take corrective actions, which can cause disruption and disappointment for current students. Ultimately, we made a difficult choice to pursue additional oversight in order to protect you, other students, and taxpayers from potentially worse educational and financial damage in the future if ITT was allowed to continue operating without increased oversight and assurances to better serve students.

We are committed to helping you as you consider next steps. Most immediately, you have two basic options to choose between:

  1. If you are currently or were recently enrolled at ITT, you may be eligible to have your federal student loans for your program at ITT discharged. Your federal loan debt will be wiped away and you will have the option of restarting your education somewhere new. We will post and update information about how to receive a discharge at our ITT announcements page.
  2. If you wish to continue and complete your program at a different school – especially if you are close to graduating – you may be able to transfer your credits. It is important to note that transferring your credits may limit your ability to have your federal loans discharged. Closed school discharge may be an option if you enroll in a different program that does not accept your ITT credits.

Both of these options have pros and cons, depending on your unique circumstances, so it is important that you consider your specific situation carefully. You can find some information to start with at our ITT announcements page. The Department’s Office of Federal Student Aid is ready to support you with resources and information, including through this website, and will be updating you with more information in the coming days and weeks.

Whatever you choose to do, do not give up on your education. Higher education remains the clearest path to economic opportunity and security. Restarting or continuing your education at a high-quality, reputable institution may feel like a setback today, but odds are it will pay off in the long run. There are people and tools – like our College Scorecard – out there to help you pick a program that gives you a real shot at success.

I am proud of your hard work and dedication, and we will do all we can to continue to provide information to you on your options.


John B. King Jr., U.S. Secretary of Education


  1. what about students who graduated? We were scammed just like people who were recently enrolled are. This is not fair. You’ll forgive peoples loans who didn’t finish but not students who graduated?

  2. I am 7 credits from graduating with an associates degree for NSA (Network System Administration). I am finding bit and pieces of information that most of the colleges in the state of Ohio does not accept ITT credits. Is the government really expecting students like me to discharge their loans and start over? The comparable program of study that matching mine only require 60 to 70 credits whereas I have 85.5 credits, which is apparently not good enough for surrounding colleges. I worked extremely hard over the past few years dedicating every spare moment to my studies, sacrificing time away from my family, lost three good jobs to accommodate the school’s non-negotiable schedule, and all of my efforts comes down to a statement that says take the money and run. What about my education to which provides a future for my family and myself? The way our country is going there will be no social security for me when I retire, which in short means if I have no education, my hopes of having a career base future is next to nothing. The people in charge at ITT have no real sense of regard to anyone other than themselves. I have my own opinions as to where some of problems began if I refer to my financial statement I was emailed three weeks prior to the end of June quarter. ITT students that are stranded like me at the closing of their degree goals should not only be accepted in other schools but our credits should be honored as well. If you are not living this nightmare of a mess please try not to dismiss it so easily. This situation is a kick in the teeth for us students that have done what they could to advance in life, get this far, and be told oh well better luck next time! I am beside myself trying to figure out how to finish the goal I started.

    • No college is obligated to accept any credits from any other college (not even a state college from a state college.) You have to ask around and search. IF you know your stuff, they may let you test out of some of the stuff; and you might try coupling your request for transfer by adding some certifications to your portfolio (CompTIA, CISCO, Microsoft). You will need those certs in the real world anyway–something that EVERY college will argue, but when the rubber meets the road, if you came to me looking for a job, I could not even touch you until you had those certs.

  3. I would like to know what should I do when I just finished my final class on the 4th of this month. I was suppose to receive my associate degree. I know my debt can be discharged but what about my education. The time and money spent dealing with this school.

  4. Okay since I have graduated from this school I have not been able to find a job they did not help me with job placement and I’m still paying back on a loan for a school that’s not even open

    • I am sure they helped you in looking for jobs. If you checked your ITT-Email you would probably find a TON of job openings for you to have checked on. Them helping you find a job does not mean that they are going to call you into the office and read your email to you aloud, and go to the job interview for you. It does require some effort on your part–ie check your email, go to interviews, ask for advice from them if you didn’t get a job from the interview. Most students never check their ITT email and a few of my classmates didn’t even know they HAD an ITT email and we were 4th semester students….

  5. Mr. King,
    I was a RN nursing student at ITT. I was 90% through the program. Meaning I only had one quarter left to finish. I have been trying to find a school to accept my credits. Most of the schools are saying I have to start all over from the beginning and I have a 3.9 GPA. Why can’t the board of education help us find a school that will grandfather our credits in??? This is a devastation for me. Me and my family was depending on me to finish this program and obtain my nursing licence. My husband has had 2 strokes in the past year and I also work full time, mother of 2 children and attend school. This hurts me to the core of my heart that students are only looked at as numbers and the system only cares about making a dollar off of the poor. I may not get to continue my education somewhere else, because I have already sacrificed valuable time that can not be replaced. So, now I have to deal with the hurt all alone. There should be counseling for students who have gone through this type of devastation. We live in a society where they always push and encourage education and you can hardly find a decent job without it. But, what happens when the Educators are crooked??? What laws are in place to protect the poor from being doped out of their education and degree? Where is our support?

    • 1) The educators were NOT crooked. They faced trumped up charges with unreasonable requests and opted to close their doors rather than fight this.
      2) I’m sorry for your pain and wish you the best in life.
      3) Take what you know to another college and see if they will accept the credits, and if not, see if they will allow you to test out of some of the courses–reclaiming valuable lost time.
      4) Try consultation from a church–seek financial advice from your bank.
      I hope this helps you some, you sound like a very nice person.

  6. Hello,

    I graduated in 2011 with an Associates in the CNS program, and also started but did not complete the Bachelors program in Information Systems and Cybersecurity. I withdrew in 2014 and decided not to go back because of a lot of bad things happening at the school, like teachers constantly quitting or getting fired, and getting replaced by former ITT students. The quality of the curriculum was worsening and instructors didn’t really teach the classes. The price of the tuition was going up, and when I found out how much my friends were paying at traditional universities and colleges I felt like I’ve just went through years of burying myself in debt over programs that were overpriced and low quality at ITT. I tried getting into local community colleges and state universities, but they do not recognize or accept ITT credits. The only other places that would consider ITT credits were other for profit schools like University of Phoenix, or DeVry, but they’d only give credit for some classes and provide “partial” credit for. Their tuition costs are also comparable to ITT. So I’ve made it a thing to stear clear from private for profit schools. Problem is no state college or university will take my credits, At the same time I’m stuck paying back the loans which I’m struggling to. Is there any option for students who withdrew outside of the 120 day period from the school closing?

  7. This school screwe’d me into the ground. I was 2 quarters from graduation when I was informed that they changed curriculum and that I had to retake classes I already paid for because I took a quarter or two off due to my husband being in the military or giving birth. I choose to leave the school because I was already around 36,000 in debt and I couldn’t bring myself to add that much more debt plus when I was in school I was looking for a job in my field and a lot of places in the area do not accept ITT as a degree. I can’t get on my feet. I’m glad dept. Of education stepped in. I know it’s gonna hurt some of you, but this needed to be done.

  8. Mr King,
    What about military Veterans duked out of their Post 911 GI Bill VA education months?!? 17% of the 40K students that became victims to this ITT scam are Vets. Although the VA Education Office sympathizes with us regarding the matter, they’ve cleary stated this matter would have to be up-channeled for any mitigation due to the rules. ie….it probably be a good idea for Vets. to contact your their applicable Congressmen with the intent to cause enough ruckus which might lead to having at least our VA Education allocated months reinstated. That being said, as the Secretary of Education I think you should run point to help resolve this matter given your position.

    • I agree with this statement. I am in the process of contacting congressmen and senators as we speak

    • 1) It wasn’t a scam. Please read some of my other comments.
      2) I agree with you about the fairness of the monies. I plan, however, to wait for the ED to finish its actions. Based upon the outcomes (which I already pretty much know what they will be) I plan on taking a class action suit against the ED for OUR monies… so just hang in there, Mr. Plott. Rick / USMC (Ret)

  9. I graduated in 2009 and never worked in my field of study. Did the mock interviews, the real interviews, took screening test and passed. Nothing. What about us? Our credit is damaged. I even attempted to attend a University. Not one credit was transferable. After 3 weeks of classes I was told I had to pay because I was not eligible for financial aid due to the money owed to itt. But i could go back for my bachelor’s at itt….What about us?
    I was working full time in a management position for 52 hours a week while also attending school. I was fired but was confident. Nothing. The board that is making the decision should look at the big picture. You seem to be more concerned about the effect of the loan dollars than the already mass spread of poverty because of itt. And this I believe I can speak for all former and current students. When we signed up, we thought we were making a step in the right direction.
    What about us

  10. I graduated in 2011 , I never started paying on my loan because I never got an IT job , I know I’m in default but is there anyway possible I can get the debt forgiveness so I can start working on my credit

    • You can go through the same Government facility that handled your loans to start you loan forgiveness. They helped me. I’m on IBR (income based repayment) but they have several different options.

  11. I was told I had to take three classes to update my Associate’s degree so I can get my Bachelor’s degree in engineering. Well, I finished with a 4.0 GPA and now I don’t think my grade will count much toward anything. I even paid nearly $500.00 for a tool box of electronic parts and tools. I didn’t get the tool nor did I get my money back. I hope and pray that people don’t give up. I pray that they keep going forward.

  12. Former students should investigate testing for credit at other institutions. Test for credit costs a lot less than retaking course work for which someone has the knowledge. Testing out is not transferring any credits but starting over just like anyone in industry or former military who takes the same exams for credit. Hopefully the loans can still be discharged if a student is able to test for credit based on prior knowledge and not a credit transfer. Many community colleges I have contacted already have stated that ITT Tech students are eligible to take exams for credit just like anyone else who has sufficient knowledge from any other source.

  13. I withdrew from itt tech in 2014, reason why is because my student debt was way to high then what I expected. Besides paying itt tech 3.5k for unknown reasons and told if I didn’t pay that amount they were going to send me to collection I’m also stuck with a 18k student loan and without a degree. I’m reading information regarding the loan discharge and for what I have read i will not be able to qualify for this loan discharge programs, it’s not fair that you had to withdraw from itt tech within the last 120 days for you to be able qualify. I think it’s not fair that former itt tech student with higher debt than current student can’t qualify for this program. Now I’m hoping that I can qualify for this loan discharge program so it can put a end to this nightmare.

  14. I want to figure out how my son which wasndo to graduate friday 9 9 16 he worked hard for 2 years and had all his sruff done. He is a single dad that made sacrifices along with me amd my wife so what are we to do. The last he heard he was to walk on friday when he picked up graduation stuff. Please let us no what to do.

  15. My son Spencer barely finished his last quarter with ITT on Sept. 4 to receive his Associate Degree in Electronics. And today ALL ITT’s have been closed. He can still get on his school account. Will he still get his diploma. Fortunately the man at ITT who was recently hired and was helping my son make a good resume is on Facebook and I’m in hopes he will still personally work with Spencer to help him get a decent job. This man also is friends of a couple of my friends/associates on Facebook. Not only am I concerned diplomas might not be given, but his loans will be kicking in now. How do we get those discharged?

    • Not sure of the ITT location your son attended, but here in Kennesaw, GA the last graduation that was scheduled for yesterday Sept. 7th was cancelled last minute and there’s not a number that we can call and ask where we can pick up our diploma since we finish the last class for the BIT.

  16. Hi, I graduated in 2014 with an Associate and Bachelor Degree and have always struggled to pay back my ITT loans. My mom and I, own over 80,000.00 between Student Loans & Parent Plus Loans. Please help me with the steps that I need to take to get our loan discharged and our hard earned money back. This is currently affecting my degree credibility because its coming form a closed school. I feel cheated from this dishonest school.

  17. I worked tireless hours, struggled to maintain a 4.0 GPA, studied my butt off, worked a job all day and went to school it seemed all night, only to get the shaft with no lubrication. The most valuable thing that I can never get back is the countless hours I invested in studying and working so hard for what now seems like nothing at all. This whole situation is frustrating to no end.

  18. I too am a victim of ITT tech. For those of you who have dropped out of graduated in prior years. The only thing I can suggest is that we all come together on a class action suit or if you want to go at it on your own you can file a BORROWERS DEFENSE CLAIM with the department of education. They are supposedly in the process to make the claim easier. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to wait. However to everyone continue to pay your student loans until you get formal and legitimate notification that will be forgiven/discharged or what have you.

  19. You state this “Ultimately, we made a difficult choice to pursue additional oversight in order to protect you, other students, and taxpayers from potentially worse educational and financial damage in the future if ITT was allowed to continue operating without increased oversight and assurances to better serve students” However what about the discharge of student loans is this not a burden to the same people you mention in the above statement? Your logic makes no sense this decision has a deeper affect than what you claim, no consideration for how it really impacts peoples lives. No plan in place for the nearly 40,000 students and their families affected by these imposed sanctions. Thank you for ruining life for us.

  20. I’m happy for the current students, but ITT didn’t JUST start this, ALL graduates, attendees, or suckers as I call US should be allowed the same discharge of funds. What do we get? An apology? An oh well, you were suckered too early in life for our help? I don’t get it and would like an explanation. I was 38yrs old when I went to ITT. I was involved in a very serious gang issue and nearly lost my life. I wanted to do something to help young men in gangs being made or put up to do things, like what the young man did to me. I wanted to go somewhere that had people my age and worked around a full time work schedule. Once I graduated, no one would hire me in the field, no one. I lucked up and found a real estate attorney that felt so bad for me, he took me under his wing. ITT ruined lives! We are raising children, working 9-5’s, while trying to pay off 36k in debt, behind a school that is now longer accredited. This is fair to us HOW?

    • You’re happy for the current students??? Don’t be happy for us. Our credits that we worked tirelessly for are completely USELESS. The option to transfer these credits is a load of crap. I found out that ITT wasn’t regionally accredited, and next to no one will accept our credits. And who in God’s name want to start over from scratch. They screwed over past students and current students just the same.

  21. I graduated from ITT Knoxville campus in 20011. Like everyone else here we all incurred a tremendous amount of debt while being lied to and lead on with job placement and/or credit transfer. I was in the Software Applications Programming field along with eight other people. The first year seemed to go alright. The second year was filled with instructors not showing up or instructors unable to teach the subject at hand. We complained about it to the administration for almost a year with no change all the while still being charged the high per credit rate. I’m still unable to get a job within my field of study mainly due to degrees from ITT not looked at as credible and now that they have closed makes any and all degrees most certainly not credible. Why with all former graduates beyond the 120 days of this closure that have had an extremely hard time finding jobs or paying loan payments are NOT eligible for loan discharge? Please respond with any guidance on this matter.

  22. Students who attended a school who believe they were defrauded or that their school otherwise violated applicable state law may be eligible for discharge (loan forgiveness). Wouldn’t we all be able to just obtain loan forgiveness based on ITT’s practices?

  23. I feel for all of you that have older loans. I am one as well; graduated in 2009 with Computer security Systems BA. These people are not going to do anything for us concerning our useless degrees that we will be paying for for a long time. Those of us that are older graduates will fall under the “that’s too bad” category and we will be stuck with these loans. I was scammed once by Nationwide Student Loans in CA trying to utilize a federal student loan relief program only to find out 5 months later that I didn’t qualify. The federal government needs to raise the annual income qualification amounts on these relief programs to assist a wider range struggling Americans that are actually working, and earning a wage. Why do I have to be low income, or jobless to warrant assistance on on unreasonable high students loans? I get off the soap box now….whose next?

    • You could be thankful that your fake degree in nursing didn’t result in some innocent patient being harmed by a nurse who didn’t receive proper training.

  24. Thank you Dept of Edu for closing down a school where you had no business involved in! This school has been open for 50 years. The people that can’t find a job in their field should get out and look and accept a job that is at the bottom and work their way up! now everyone that graduated from this school want their debt erased? Look at the mess. I am a nursing student that cannot do anything, because nursing students cannot transfer nursing credits. I am over half way done and now what?? Big Brother I don’t need you watching over me. I pick careers that I know will land a job and can pay for the loans etc…

  25. Whilst attending ITT (2007) our instructor came in to the classroom and informed us that people from the accreditation board were here and if they approached us not to be negative about our experience. He informed us that it was in our best interests to keep ITTs accreditation to make our degrees worth something. I was not approached by anyone. Guess what! he was right, now its worthless.

  26. I Had 6 months left until I would have been a registered nurse. now, my whole world is turned upside down.

  27. I graduated ITT in 2003 with an A.A.S in Information Technology. I took it very seriously, made close friends, and created study groups. After school we would study and and learn all the material from the instructors. In the program, around 40 students started and less than 20 completed due to various reasons.

    I believe for the most part that you get out of it, what you put in to it. I’ve got a great career in the field and have been at my job for over 10 years. I’ve advanced and make a comfortable living.

    I know it didn’t work out for everyone, but it did for me, and I am thankful.

    I’m sad to see it go.

  28. I finished my last semester this past August. Will I still be getting my degree or did I just waste 2 years?

  29. I graduated in 2002 and was not able to find any job with my degree. I am still paying my student loans 14years later. Hopefully they can ease some of the debt that I owe!

  30. I’m one semester from graduating from ITT Technical Institute with an Associates in Software development. I feel like we’re left to dry. We can’t transfer credits, we lose eligibility on our GI Bill with no chance of getting it back and all those late night doing homeworks, labs and projects. ITT Jax instructors cared and were very knowledgeable. I’m in the National Technical Honor Society. I strive to do my best. Contrary to what some people say there are real success stories from ITT Tech grads. ITT lays the foundation and it’s up to us to make the most of it. ITT has its fault, it’s very expensive but this is a commitment we made when we signed up. This is my truth and now my predicament. Now Veterans are losing GI Bill months of eligibility without recourse and not getting anything for it. What is ITT, Department of Education and the Veterans Affairs doing to help?

  31. What about people who have already paid off their government backed school loans they had with ITT Tech and now hear ITT Tech is closed down due to fraud for these types of loans.

  32. The “Closed School Discharge Form” is an absolute joke.
    If the question “Did you (or, for a parent PLUS borrower, the
    student) complete the program of study at the
    closed school?” is a yes, then it says “you are not eligible for this discharge.” WHAT PART OF THE DEGREE LOST ITS ACCREDITATION DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND!

  33. I’m going to keep asking until I get an answer. What is being offered to Veterans who just wasted their Post 911 GI Bill? Will our loan be forgiven?

  34. Based on all these comments I guess I’m the exception…I learned ALOT at ITT Tech, not to say that it was the perfect school but it did open my eyes to different fields in IT where I can continue my career. I was 2 classes away from completing my Bachelors and it really sucks that the school had to close down.

    I met great people, students and teachers that gave a dam about education. Yes there were a few knuckle heads that did the bare minimum to get along but that is not an ITT problem, that is just people in general.

    I see that most comments are related to people not being able to find jobs in the field or people struggling to pay back the loans and although I can empathize with them I’ll be the first to say that this is the reality for all schools in the U.S.. It is not only an ITT Issue alone.

    Throughout my time at ITT I had classmates that got jobs in their field of study with the County, Northup, Boeing… and other decent companies, I also saw classmates that were waiting for someone to find them a Job, that’s ridiculous.

    This bump on the road doesn’t define us, we get knocked down but not knocked out.

  35. Wake up Folks ! Stealing student loans with Mickey Mouse schools has been going on since the early 1980’s and it will continue for the next 35 years.
    Nothing will change ! I heard this same crap about how theses government agencies are here to protect the students 10, 20 and 30 years ago.

    Nothing will change ! It is just smoke and mirrors for now and then stealing will continue.

    • I think you are right. I’m waking up about the idea of them discharging student loans or at least the federal loans, for alumni. They will not help us. I smell the coffee.

  36. I only had 3 quarters left until graduating with my associates in nursing. We were told that the school was having financial issues but we would be able to complete our degree prior to school being closed and that there would be no more admissions into the nursing program. All of us have maintained a 3.4 GPA or higher and kept at a higher standard than other schools. What exactly are we supposed to do?

    • Going into my 6th quarter, and the same happened to me. Devastating. Something needs to be done to help the nursing students to complete their education. ED needs to partner with area schools to accept our current credits so we can graduate in a timely manner.

  37. Dear Mr John B King Jr

    My name is Bernard Lowe. I finished the ITT program the end of August 2016. I was able to pick up my cap and gown and was scheduled to graduate Saturday the 17th 2016. I just got this information yesterday about ITT shut dowm. I was told that the graduation was pre paid for and would proceed however, will it happen? Will i be able to get my diploma, and transcripts?

  38. I am a former student and graduate of ITT -Tech 2006. I have been paying on my loans (Federal and Private) monthly . I hope formal students will be able to get there loans forgiving as well. The Department of Education better recognize this issue also!

  39. I’ve been following the crackdown on these institutions for a while. I’ve personally discouraged many friends from falling for the spiels from institutions like ITT technical. Many moons ago, I made the same decision that many of you did, to go back to school. The first thing I did was ask those who hired in the field (mine was computer programming) about the types of degrees that they considered credible, and not one of them had anything good to say about a degree from a for-profit college, and this was over 10 years ago.

    I know, would’ve, could’ve, should have. These places preyed on people, delivering promises that they were never going to keep. I only regret that this crackdown didn’t happen years ago, but I can’t be sorry that it’s happening now to spare others in the future from having the same heartbreaking stories being told here. And it’s shutting down because the school was unable to prove that they even met the minimum of being a competent higher education institution to continue to receive federal loans, and were not able to turn themselves into a legitimate school. This did not happen overnight, as sudden as this decision may seem.

  40. My fiancé finished his degree course work on august 28th of this year, and his graduation ceremony was scheduled for the 21st of September. the graduation ceremony I would imagine will no longer be held, but will He still get his diploma in the mail? Will He still get his diploma at all? This is the most important question no one is answering. IF the ceremony was scheduled closer to when degree classes ended this would not have been an issue but i’m sure many others have the same question. How will this be handled, and how long will it take? Can we call someone?

  41. I was set to get my Associate’s in Software Development this December. Despite what other people say about the school I loved the instructors at the Jax location. They were experienced and very helpful. I did the best I could to earn good grades. I was a member of the National Technical Honor Society. I’ve seen people that were successful with their degree from ITT. I believe ITT laid the foundation and we were ultimately responsible for what we do with the degree. ITT has it’s faults, but we committed to finishing our degree at this school. I feel the Department of Education did not think this through. Even the Veterans Affairs is not doing anything for us. This closure wasted eligibility for my Post 911 GI Bill. ITT Tech, the Department of Education and Veterans Affairs can do more to help us. This is unfair and unjust on their part. There are more veterans out there that are in the same situation. We served country and sacrificed for this country. Do right by us!

  42. I graduated from ITT in 2007. When I first was looking into the school a rep came to my house to talk to me about the various programs the school had to offer. I was interested in the drafting and design program and asked the rep if you could earn a bachelors degree in that program. He said yes and had a pamphlet showing the levels of degrees you could get for each program at ITT. Knowing I could get a 4 year degree in the field I was interested in I enrolled. During my second year of attending the school one of my professors informed me that the school did not offer a bachelors degree in my field. I was furious and left the school for a short period of time. I talked with the dean of the school discussing my situation. I gave him the business card of the rep that helped me get enrolled into the school and he informed me that that person did not work for ITT anymore. After months of contacting various people through ITT they offered me one quarter free to come back to the school. Having a young family at the time it was my best option to continue my education. It turned out due to this mis-hap it took me almost 4 years to get a 2 year degree that I had to settle for. I still pay monthly on my student loans for an associates degree that is hardly recognized in my line of work. I feel that I should not have to pay any of my remaining student loans to a School that no longer exists. Is there anyway that my students loans can be forgiven? or reimbursement of any kind?

  43. so Im guessing I just wasted my gi bill on some stuff that won’t transfer to another college…now I can’t finish my degree because I used my gi bill on something that probably won’t transfer

  44. ITT National City still owes me two of my Pell Grants that they purposely and knowingly refused to release to me until I finished all my classes. I have emails and documentation that shows they still owe me $3,800 in Pell Grants. I highly doubt I’ll ever see the money from those crooks, but does anyone know who I can show the documentation to, to hopefully get it credited back to my FASFA Financial aid account? It was grant money that I was eligible to receive, but never did because ITT National City defrauded me out of it.

  45. I have my associates from ITT and WAS halfway done with my bachelors degree… My husband was literally 1 class from graduating. I am appalled and shocked that this is happening. It is like the future is being ripped away. the crap thing about this is ITT Credits don’t transfer!! At least no school in my state will accept the credits.. I pray that the loan forgiveness forgives the entire loan because now we have to start over. None of the instructors knew. I bet someone at campus level knew and should have said something… The news reports only 40k students are affected.. It is more like 100K not to mention the thousands of jobs that will be lost

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