A Message from the Secretary of Education to ITT Students

Dear ITT student,

Today, ITT Educational Services, Inc. (ITT) announced that it is closing all of its ITT Technical Institute campuses. For most of the world, that news will be covered as a business story or a political one, but I know that for you it is deeply personal. You are probably wondering what this means for your future; how it is going to affect your finances and your ability to continue your education.

In recent years, ITT has increasingly been the subject of numerous state and federal investigations. In August, ITT’s accreditor, the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS) determined that ITT “is not in compliance, and is unlikely to become in compliance with [ACICS] Accreditation Criteria.” This came amid increasingly heightened financial oversight measures put in place by the Department over the past two years due to significant concerns about ITT’s administrative capacity, organizational integrity, financial viability, and ability to serve students.

The school’s decisions have put its students and millions of dollars in taxpayer-funded federal student aid at risk. Last week, the Department of Education took oversight actions to prevent ITT from continuing to add to that risk. When we made that decision, we did not take it lightly. One possible outcome of oversight actions is that a school may choose to close rather than take corrective actions, which can cause disruption and disappointment for current students. Ultimately, we made a difficult choice to pursue additional oversight in order to protect you, other students, and taxpayers from potentially worse educational and financial damage in the future if ITT was allowed to continue operating without increased oversight and assurances to better serve students.

We are committed to helping you as you consider next steps. Most immediately, you have two basic options to choose between:

  1. If you are currently or were recently enrolled at ITT, you may be eligible to have your federal student loans for your program at ITT discharged. Your federal loan debt will be wiped away and you will have the option of restarting your education somewhere new. We will post and update information about how to receive a discharge at our ITT announcements page.
  2. If you wish to continue and complete your program at a different school – especially if you are close to graduating – you may be able to transfer your credits. It is important to note that transferring your credits may limit your ability to have your federal loans discharged. Closed school discharge may be an option if you enroll in a different program that does not accept your ITT credits.

Both of these options have pros and cons, depending on your unique circumstances, so it is important that you consider your specific situation carefully. You can find some information to start with at our ITT announcements page. The Department’s Office of Federal Student Aid is ready to support you with resources and information, including through this website, and will be updating you with more information in the coming days and weeks.

Whatever you choose to do, do not give up on your education. Higher education remains the clearest path to economic opportunity and security. Restarting or continuing your education at a high-quality, reputable institution may feel like a setback today, but odds are it will pay off in the long run. There are people and tools – like our College Scorecard – out there to help you pick a program that gives you a real shot at success.

I am proud of your hard work and dedication, and we will do all we can to continue to provide information to you on your options.


John B. King Jr., U.S. Secretary of Education


  1. I graduated back in 2009, I have read many of the comments that many have post and I can relate to them very much… I have paid a lot of money, I have use credit cards to pay some of the loans, but I still find myself in a debt. Hearing what has happened to ITT tech, my main question is, how can someone that still in debt and paid so much, qualify to either refund the money that has paid or get the loans forgiven! Is there any thing that someone like myself can do?

  2. I always felt ITT was shady but I figured I could continue working my full time job while I attended the two year program and with job placement help and free* continuing education classes the price was we’ll worth it. After completing the AS program I wanted to go to a more reputable school but wasn’t allowed to due to the difficulty involved with transferring creidits. When I graduated in 2014 with a BS in EE and 71k in loans. Of which I only received 2k in a Pell grant. I’m very disappointed that our Department of education failed to inform the public. A degree from ITT was hard to compete with other schools when looking for job openings but now it’s considered a complete joke. I feel a class action law suit will arise due to the failure of itt’s promise of future free programs and continuing education…

  3. Going to ITT-Tech was the worst thing I have ever done. I really mean it when I say that. I was young and they took advantage of my ignorance. I have a small learning disability and come from a poor family. All I wanted to do is make a future for myself. I don’t know what to do about the money I owe.

  4. Since the government was so concerned about the students why didn’t they make provisions for them…starting over is not an option for everyone. Time is a commodity we can never recoup. I am disgusted at our government for not finding a median option. I am a senior with 6 classes left to obtain a bachelor’s of project management. This has completely devastated my plans…

  5. I was a former ITT-Tech student, I am only a few courses away from being able to get an associates degree and am under a punishing debt that has kept me homeless or near homeless for close to the last 11 years. The education standards at ITT-Tech were terrible, with a few exceptions I really didn’t get much of anything out of ITT-Tech education wise and when things got even harder for me outside of school, I had to walk away, it wasn’t worth sacrificing my health and well being to keep trying to attend a school that just wasn’t putting their students first. over $30K in debt and no hope of getting out of it, because even after I quit, They kept the loans for classes I never took.

    And now, with the schools closing I can’t even continue where I left off if I wanted to.

  6. I went there for 3 year’s. They said I graduated. But I never received a diploma. Received a bill from them for about 1500 dollars that I didn’t even know I was getting. I asked them for an itemized list of what each of my classes cost and how much I paid for books and my socalled lab stuff. That was almost 3 years ago. Never heard back from them. And still haven’t received my diploma. Now they are shutting down. And I owe 35000 dollars and no diploma.

  7. We have all been the victims of fraud! I feel for the people who were enrolled and about to graduate. I also feel for those of us who have graduated, at any point, and still carry the heavy financial burdens of a loan for a degree that is now worthless and subject to ridicule because of the image ITT has given it.

    Something needs to be done, people. Why should we pay on exorbitant loans for degrees that are worthless, when many of us come from situations where the school officials aggressively steered us into accepting their terms to begin with. It is fraud!

    The US government offers something called “Borrower Defense against Repayment” for situations such as these. The for profit school “Corinthian” did the same thing to it’s students and many of those students were able to successfully have their loans forgiven because of their fraudulent activities.

    We can either sit and accept what the government tells us, or demand that we be compensated for our losses. This is not our fault and we have been wronged!

    Everyone of us, current and former students, need to take the steps necessary to have their loans forgiven. Period.


    ** This is in no way legal advice.

  8. After suffering an injury that left me with three bulging cervical disks, I was forced to switch careers from one of physical demand to something less aggregating.

    With a young family to support and no help from extended family, if I wanted to get my degree I would have to seek financial aid. I decided to attend ITT because they catered to working folk with evening classes. This was before the times of online courses.

    After completing my associates degree at ITT I realized that they were going to put me in extreme debt. I struggled to find a college that would accept my credits that I’d already paid for and passed. I finally came across WGU who would accept those credits from my first two years of my college education. I began attending there and thought I’d escaped the inflated tuition. But while I was in the process of taking the required orientation course at WGU I was contacted by the financial aid department with some cornering news… My first two years at ITT had used so much of my federal funds that I was left with three choices. 1) Pay cash for WGU, 2) Drop out of school, or 3) Go back to ITT where they informed me that it wouldn’t be a problem finding the financial aid I needed. I pondered this decision for quite some time…. I didn’t have the ability to pay cash and feed my family. If I dropped out of school I would have a very difficult time finding a job because from all the job research I performed in my field, every position required a four year degree. So I was left with one choice, go back to ITT to finish the last two years of my education. And I thought I knew what to expect, until after getting the next year behind me. I was informed by ITT financial aid that all my federal funds were exhausted again. Now I sit here again trying to make yet another impossible decision, impossible because there were no good options… 1) Pay cash, 2) Drop out and face the same struggles, or 3) They had a convenient option (scam in my opinion), they could get me approved for a large 25K+ private loan… Except, to qualify I had to provide cosigners that would all be declined. Again I thought long and hard about this, except this time it was even worse, I had accrued another year of debt. So now the corner they had me painted in to was even smaller. I made the reluctant decision to move forward with ITT.

    Now I’m in deeper debt than I would have ever imagined all because of the corrupt practices of ITT. To the sum in excess of 250K. Also keep in mind that after I took these loans out the federal government passed a law to protect banks from people filing bankruptcy to dismiss student loans. These were loans that they wrote the note on while expecting 50% of borrowers to default… Except now they can’t be discharged. So these interest compounding loans were written with 12 – 15% rates that grew faster than were possible to pay for a young career. I ended up enrolling in a Masters degree program just so I could try to get the in-school deferment. And as few are aware, only half of the federal loans were interest deferred, and none of the private loans deferred interest.

    This is out of control… Please help us all with this situation.

  9. My son has been at the school for two and a half years, 18 months of that whilst working full time. He has completed his course of studies, has requirements to graduate and was due to go through graduation ceremony tomorrow, Saturday September 10th. He has done all this through the GI Bill, he is a Veteran. Are you saying the Associate Degree is now worthless? How can he get his diploma?

  10. My son has spent two and a half years working on an associate degree, eighteen months of that working full time. He has finished his studies and was due to graduate tomorrow, Saturday 10th September. He is there under the GI Bill, he is a Veteran. All he needs is the diploma. Are you saying the diploma is worthless?

  11. Hello, my husband is one of many who were attending itt and I think this is an outrage. The more I read about others the more I realize my hubby is lucky because though he has to start all over he was only in three months. In which he’s being charged 14000 dollars. He is a veteran and is the only one supporting our family of six due to medical issues. I am just sick over this. Furthermore good luck getting your transcripts from itt . If anyone knows how let me know.

  12. What I’m getting out of this is that all of us alumni who made the mistake of going here and finishing our degrees will still be paying off our loans.

    My question is that everyone seems to be saying to us “Oh, the reason you cannot have your loans forgiven is because at the time, you were paying for a valid degree”. While this is true, it’s only true to a point. Now, anyone that has a degree from this worthless place will have to rely on experience or going back to college (in my case, I never used the degree to get my jobs). How much is the degree worth now?

    I’m going to say this as well – If any alumni want some kind of relief, it’s clear to me we are on our own. So, make sure to write to your congressman, or attempt to sue ITT. For myself, I’m going back on the ramen diet to pay off this worthless piece of paper.

  13. The Department of Education CLAIMS they are here to help you, but I see too many uneducated comments that the Department of Education NEEDS to address; yet they have not. IF I worked for the Department of Education the VERY FIRST time one of these comments came up, I would have shot a letter out to ALL students EVERYWHERE (ITT, State, and ALL college students) explaining this process:
    NO college is obligated to accept any other college’s credits (not even from a public state college to another public state college) Its a money vs reputation thing.
    DO NOT sign anything that you might regret in the future… loans included. If there is a question on loan or payback, don’t sign.
    NOBODY is going to find a job for you. NOT EVEN a temp agency. Nope, nobody can force anybody to hire you. They can assist you, search for you, even recommend you–but it REQUIRES efforts on your part. YOU have to request an interview. YOU have to attend the interview. YOU have to dress like you want that job when you go into that interview. YOU have to know your stuff when you go into that interview. YOU have to be polite and professional in that interview. YOU have to give the people assisting you feedback after the interview and get feedback from them.
    Yes all of this is basic common sense…except NOBODY seems to be displaying it…..

  14. Hello,
    On behalf of myself and my fellow classmates who were months away from graduation, please support us! I was a student of Breckenridge School of Nursing in Louisville, Ky, who was notified by a rather basic email that my education was coming to an abrupt end on Tuesday. Disappointment does not even scratch the surface to describe how my peers and I felt, and continue to feel since that day. We have fervently researched, spent countless hours calling schools, desperately pleading with other nursing programs to accept our current credits, to no avail. You see, most of us are not traditional students, we have children, jobs, and attending college full-time to make a better life for ourselves, our families, and the future patients in our care. Nursing school is a challenge like no other that I have ever faced, and to have the last year and quarter of hard work taken from me is simply not acceptable. I plead with ED to support these ITT students, and especially Breckenridge School of Nursing students. Tomorrow, my peers and I are visiting a local college who may take some of our Gen. ed. courses but most likely not accept any nursing courses we have labored for. I am praying that in the coming weeks a provision can be made on the students behalf. We have suffered enough, please make an agreement with area schools to accept all or most of our current credits. Not only will it take double the time to complete our degree, most of us will have to wait to enter college again, as the September quarter is already filled to capacity. To honor our diligence in the midst of this storm, please consider our request.

  15. Hello,
    On behalf of myself and my fellow classmates who were months away from graduation, please support us! I was a student of Breckenridge School of Nursing in Louisville, Ky, who was notified by a rather basic email that my education was coming to an abrupt end on Tuesday. Disappointment does not even scratch the surface to describe how my peers and I felt, and continue to feel since that day. We have fervently researched, spent countless hours calling schools, desperately pleading with other nursing programs to accept our current credits. You see, most of us are not traditional students, we have children, jobs, and attending college full-time to make a better life for ourselves, our families, and the future patients in our care. Nursing school is a challenge like no other that I have ever faced, and to have the last year and quarter of hard work taken from me is simply not acceptable. I plead with ED to support these ITT students, and especially Breckenridge School of Nursing students. Tomorrow, my peers and I are visiting a local college who may take some of our Gen. ed. courses but most likely not accept any nursing courses we have labored for. I am praying that in the coming weeks a provision can be made on the students behalf. We have suffered enough, please make an agreement with area schools to accept all or most of our current credits. Not only will it take double the time to complete our degree, most of us will have to wait to enter college again, as the September quarter is already filled to capacity. To honor our diligence in the midst of this storm, please consider our request.

  16. It is not fair for schools to do this to students. People invest their time and energy to fulfill their dream of becoming a registered nurse. This is devastating and degrading for many students. You trust your future and education to be fulfilling. God help us all the students of itt.

  17. I joined ITT when I was 28 in 2008 and was questioning there procedures with loans and how they were handling them. I graduated in 2011 and I will be paying on my student loans for a long time and not just one loan but on a 48K loan and a 12k loan that cannot be consolidated and what do I have to show for it? Absolutely nothing because I have a diploma that no one will even bother to hire me for because they will see that it is from ITT. Anyone that went to ITT at anytime and that are still paying student loans issued from them should be wiped clean!

  18. I have COMPLETED ALL of the course work for the program I enrolled in and GRADUATION was set for SEPTEMBER 21ST 2016. HOW DO I GET MY Bachelors DEGREE and OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPTS ?


  19. I am 52 and decided to go back to College. I chose ITT for several reasons and was disappointed with them for many–NONE of which are being addressed by ANYBODY. Listen, there were WAAAY too many people who were told that ITT was going to assist them in finding jobs who heard “We are going to FORCE someone to give you a job.” Your lack of English comprehension does NOT make ITT wrong. You are going to go to a communist school now…er uh “State school” now… and one of the first things that they are going to tell you is that this is the first step in obtaining a better life. You’re ‘happy little ears’, however, are going to hear “the next step will be us giving you that new and perfect life!” When you graduate and that life is NOT there, you are going to be JUST as disappointed. The funny thing is–ALL of the complaints that I had about ITT–I will have about the communist–er uh “STATE”–schools as well–but the Communist…er uh Department of Education will NOT go after them–because there is NOTHING that they can do about that–not with ITT, and not with the communist schools. The can only go after trumped up charges which they are making… and too many of you people are letting other people put words into your mouths….

  20. You asked ITT to put up $250million cash or close their doors… Now you are saying “I am proud of your hard work and dedication, and we will do all we can to continue to provide information to you on your options.”….

    We know our options. We know you chose to not let ITT sell their stock to another school and then they were left with no choice but to close. Please respond and let me know my options…. I would like to hear them from you. As of 3 days ago i longer have a school to go to. Thats all I know

  21. What happens to the students that were to graduate at the end of this month?, Will they receive their diploma’s?

  22. I graduated with high honors from ITT in Austin, TX in 1991 and am STILL paying on that loan. What can I do to stop paying it. Originally the loan was handled by SMSC (Sallie Mae), but now is handled by Navient. Please help me.
    What happens if I just stop payments? What might be my legal recourse?

    I do not own a home or vehicle. I rent housing and lease a

  23. I just do not understand how any of this is justified. We are offered a “loan forgiveness” but we can’t continue to pursue the degree we were trying to achieve when ITT shut its doors unexpectedly. How is that going to help us if we cant continue the path we chose if it wont be forgiven, we did not ask for this to happen and it certainly isnt fair if we can not do anything with the credits we paid for. Something needs to be done, offer a partial forgiveness if some credits transfer to the same program, This is unfair! Some cant even start over due to the fact they are maxed out on their loans due to ITT. If you truly want us to continue to achieve our goal then why not allow us to continue the same degree with a loan forgiven.

  24. I went to ITT in the fall of 1994. Quit before the end of the semester and still paid back right at $2,500.00 in student loans. Lesson learned.

  25. Hello Mr. King, I am also in a similar situation to some of these people. I Graduated from this “school” (ITT) where I was pulled from class, told click (sign) here, ok go back to class. How does someone like me find restitution. Also, Ive looked at the departments page concerning borrow defense, and its says that there are new procedures being developed to make it easier to apply for borrow defense, when will those new procedures be in place? And if I apply for it now, will it disqualify me from doing the new process when it is in place?

  26. I “graduated” 16 years ago, and have being paying for 12 years $315 on a student loan that was suppose to be $24K dollars for a technical certificate. I have paid nearly $45K and still have another 12 to go.
    The government should also do something for people like me who “graduated” a while back. This is something that has been going on a very long time.

  27. I went to Itt in 91, and my credit we’re not transferable to Upper IOWA UNIVERSITY. HUH WAS THE SCHOOL LEGAL THEN.

  28. Hello,

    Like many others here I graduated in 2011 with a bachelors degree and have been struggling to pay. I have applied for forbearance and deferments to the point that I am just now starting to repay the debt. With the amount of debt that I have getting a loan for a house is out of the question and renting a place is a joke unless I want to eat ramen noodles everyday. There has to be something we can do to get this debt forgiven. Has anyone heard of any relief?

  29. ITT graduates,

    Honestly this whole situation is laughable and your own fault. Why should the American taxpayer be responsible for your poor decision to attend this “college”. You signed your name on the loans knowing what a Shi**y school it was and now you expect a handout? Absurd! Go to the bathroom, grab some toilet paper and write ITT Tech in it and frame it. That is what your “degree” is worth in the first place. Accept responsibility for your actions and stop looking for a handout!

  30. ITT Tech Houston was doing exactly the same forced loan signing to continue classes as Mr. Casey mentioned. They even ran me on standard GI Bill so I would be forced to take on some debt, even though I was eligible for the post-911 upgrade. I accidentally found out about it when I was already about 20k in debt. Then later learned that an Associates degree is no better than a High School diploma, these days. Even with 20+ years experience in my field, I find that the paper I am still paying for is meaningless, but paying for it means I cannot afford to pay for certifications or return to school. Heck, I barely afford to LIVE, let alone move forward. Very frustrating.

    I agree with Mr. Andersen about forcing ITT to repay the funds they took to screw over thousands of people.

  31. I was an ITT Tech student who about to enter the last quarter of Cybersecurity Bachelor program. I would be graduating in the end of November 2016. I had 4.0 GPA and because of that the school still owe me $5,000 worth of presidential scholarship ($1,667 per quarter x 3 quarters). Right now I feel that I lost my way. Everything’s crumbling down in front of my eyes because I was hoping to achieve the degree soonest so I can go to work. I don’t know which school will accept my credits from the ITT and frankly, I don’t have the brain to do it right now. May God help me please!

  32. I attended ITT-Tech in 2004-2008. I took a break and tried to come back and the program was no longer available. They told me I’d have to start all over. No credits will transfer to any body and I essentially have to start over anyways. To top it all off, I am pretty close to the limit to borrow for an undergrad which also hinders my borrowing. This is ridiculous because between the countless lawsuits going on and everything else now, every ITT student should be forgiven regardless of time attended. I keep seeing posts of 120 days but I don’t see anything stating that, so I hope that’s not the case.

  33. I attended ITT Technical Institute in Tempe, Arizona from 2004 to 2008. I got my Bachelor degree but have had absolutely NO luck finding a position in my chosen career field. I have not been able to pay back my loans due to job loss and still have well over $60,000 in student loan debt from ITT. I know nothing can be done about the private loans I have but what would be the possibility of getting my federal loans wiped clean? Is there an application process with the Department of Education? How do I get additional information?

  34. Hello,

    I went back to school after age 40 trying to make a better life for myself. I worked a full time job and went to school for 2 years. Pushing myself to be able to graduate with honors. Only to find the degree I have isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on and I am now over $30K in debt to a school that is gone out of business. What I really can’t understand about this is, the school was doing wrong. Why are we, the victims, the ones now being punished? It seems the school should be the ones that has to pay back the money they received from the government and the balance of those loans, all outstanding loans, forgiven.

    • NO kidding, Sherlock. In IT, NO DEGREE from ANY College ANYWHERE is worth the paper its written on. You need to couple that with CERTIFICATIONS. People like you, who have no clue that were told they were going to assist you in finding a job but heard, “We are going to FORCE someone to give you a job” are part of what is wrong with America today. You’re going to go to another college and be JUST as disappointed, UNLESS you change your over-all attitude and I mean NOW. I am 52 going to ITT and was doing so SOLELY for the education–I already work in the field. I know what I am talking about.

    • If you read the letter, you can have your debts forgiven, or look for a school that will accept the credits. You have options.

    • I agree. The degree I recieve don’t from ITT isn’t worth it, and I’m honestly happy they shut it down. But now I’m stuck with a loan for a degree that I can not use, but no one will look at it. So, now I’m back in school attend a community college paying out of pocket, while paying a school loan from ITT for a degree in worked very hard for. It makes no since. It’s fruad. They tell you one thing, but when you graduate, they forget all about you. Driving you on the highway and dumb you on the shoulder. I think it’s crazy. Frustrating.

    • I also went back to school in 2013 thinking ITT Tech was going to give me a job placement finds out that most of the companies in my town do not support ITT Tech I do agree that the government or better yet ITT Tech should pay the government back for their mistakes we are at the victims they knew exactly what they were doing we were the ones in the line that is not our fault we just thought maybe we can pursue our dreams if you’re having a better education this is totally ITT Tech fault and I don’t think most students who ever attended Tech and history should have to pay it back he said should have to

  35. I graduated out of ITT in 2007 and was lucky to get a job in the field of CAD, but to get to the graduating point I had to sign for the loans. They told me sign here and that’s it. I tried questioning the banks and loans and the answer was if you want to stay here sign it. I found out the banks charged 13%, 9%, and various other percentages. I am still paying today and the loans are not getting any lower. I agree that former students that may have graduated still were forced into the crooked financing and paying back on a poor investment.

    • And you feel that it is ITT’s fault that you chose to sign the documents? You made your own decisions. We ALL did. NOBODY takes ITT’s credits..but then again, NOBODY takes ANYBODY’s credits… its a money game, EVEN WITH THE communist run schools…er uh… “State run schools”….

    • i graduated in 2010 with my associated in applied science. just finished paying off my loans in October of 2015, around $44,000. Is there any way that i can get my loan discharged/ reimbursed?? even after finish paying them off.

      thank you for any information

    • I graduated with my associates in applied science in, june 2010. In october 2015 i finished paying off my loans, around $44.000. Is there any way i can get my loans discharged/ reimbursed even after finishing paying off my student loans and graduating back in 2010. Loan borrower was from, sallie mae.

      any information helps, thank you

    • I graduated in 2012, but your story mirrors mine almost exactly. Every quarter or so some administrator would show up in the middle of class and just need you to sign something. I’m also pretty sure that what happened to us was what prompted the investigation, so it only makes sense that the forgiveness should also apply to us.

    • I am in the same boat here… federal and private loans that have been paid every month since 2007’…. loan amounts are still as much as when I started with crazy % of interest… was told average monthly payments of $195.00 …. What a big lie that was … try $183.54 private and $244.52 Federal Loan payments… This is even after trying to consolidate the loans… Lets not forget how quick Sallie Mae was to bail out into a buy out by Navient once they got under the microscope for predatory type practices… All my hard work returning to Higher Education at age 37 to better myself for my family… work more with my mind and less with my back… Perfect Attendance, National Technical Honors Society, Deans List for Honors and Highest Honors awards given to me every 1/4… GPA 3.6875 …. Just been a total nightmare …..

  36. I have read many articles on this issue because I am in the same boat as many of you. I graduated with my BS in Marketing from the online school after taking 3 years of “engineering” classes at a campus. They got me. I was young and never had any debt, nor did I know anything about continuing education. I thought 40k from a BS sounded great until I realized 40k was just for an associates. After two years in the real world and taking these courses I realized how bad of a situation I got myself in. This is not a fair practice for people trying to better themselves. The older I got, the more irritated I was that something like this could be legal. I mean, who wants to hire someone that has a degree from a school that can’t stay accredited? My question is, can anything be done for past graduates? Will anything be done? Or are we all going to have to pay interest payments for the rest of our lives?

    • I totally agree. I graduated with an associates degree but didn’t go back for the bachelor’s because I started to see just how much an associates costs and was afraid to be in even more debt. My options then we’re limited then but now they are eliminated. I would have to start over at a new school, while still having the balances of the associates loans.

    • Private schools are ALWAYS more expensive, but also ALWAYS give a better education. Think you would have gotten the same at a communist school? (I mean “State ran school?”). Think again. You would not. You chose to pay for something, that does NOT make ITT wrong that YOU decided to go there. You had options, and you have options to better your education now. I suggest that you choose more wisely in the future….

    • Hello,
      I attend Itt tech phoenix for 4 yrs. I received my Associates and Bachelors degrees. (2008-2012).
      I am extremely disappointed with how itt tech treated their prior and present alumni.
      I was always very suspicious about how the financial aid was handled and when financial aid did their financial aid re-up every quarter I was not notified or aware of several private loans.
      I also spent the first two years battling stage 3 breast cancer and was given an ultimatum, if I had to take anymore then a week during 53 rounds of radiation, I might as well stop attendance and start over when and if I felt better. Really compassionate. That told me it was all for the money and profit.
      I would love to figure out all of the money I spent going to and from itt tech in 4 yrs. I only missed 5 days in 4 yrs so attendance wasn’t an issue, I know that’s what the two main motives were attendance and money for that school!
      I want my loans discharged and my personal loans reimbursed back to me!

  37. what i don’t understand is why so many people attend these schools when there is probably a much better, much cheaper public junior college close by.

    • 1) ITT was FAR superior in education than the communist schools.
      2) ITT offered classes in the chosen fields at NIGHT, whereas the communist schools only offer finger painting at night. If you want a tech degree you have to quit your job and go to the communist school full time.
      3) Communist schools are far more difficult to get funding for than ITT was–even though ITT was more expensive, the fact it was easier to fund, made it a viable option. People chose ITT for some or all of these reasons and now cry about it. They need to be FAR more selective in the future….

      • For proof: NO schools within 300 miles of me right now offer night time courses for the field that I was in. I’ve spoken to the chairs of the departments at every school; only one is considering it, but said that it was highly unlikely that they would start an evening course offering. ONE school that is 315 miles away has an evening class, but it starts at 3:00pm, so even if that school were next door to me, it would STILL do me no good what-so-ever.

    • Because i shouldn’t need to take a biology class & disect frogs to get a degree in software development. All colleges run up student debt unnecessarily.

    • it was a good and cheap option to start. After they have you sign for more and more loans each quarter, it adds up. Also, many public junior colleges don’t really cut it either.

  38. I graduated in 2009, and 6 months later I found out that ITT had taken out high interest rate PRIVATE loans to pay for the rest of my program. I have been paying these since 2010, and have several years left to pay. People in my situation should be able to have student loans forgiven as well. Its not just about the money, but all the hard work people put in the graduate, only to find themselves in a jobless market with loans they cant afford to pay. The aftermath of all of this results in negative credit marks which adds an on-going burden on people and major sacrifices that must be made because of this.

  39. I guess any graduate of ITT prior to the 120 day time frame is stuck paying their student loans. I remember my last loan check had a school name and address in another state and I never resided in that state. I still got charged for that money, it was never returned to the Dept. of Ed. The school cashed it even though it was not made out to them and the address was clear across the country. When I tried to fight that check I was told there was nothing I could do even though I never resided in that state.

  40. I am not a student, but my husband was an instructor. The devastating part is that no only are the students suffering, but the instructors and some staff were hit without warning and now are on the verge of losing their livelihood (homes, transportation, support for family). This has affected a LOT of people and my husband even turned down a job offer for fear of conflicting with his obligation to the very institution that SHUT the door in his face without so much as a warning. There needs to be a compensation.

    • Of COURSE the Mods will not allow this, but I am going to try anyway. THIS is a fair and balanced statement that they will not appreciate because it shows the truth. ITT would still be in operation if it wasn’t for the Department of Education’s trumped up charges. I saw put the blame (and request for compensation) where it belongs, on the source of the problem, the Dept. of Ed.

  41. My son could not get into any school other than ITT. His name is Virgil and while she studied hard the last 3 years and now owes #34,000 in Federal Loans, he is upset that the school is closing the doors.
    Where will Virgil go now? The people at ITT saw the potential in him and he was heading toward a $150,000 year in Waste management.
    Virgil is devastated as his girlfriend told him unless he gets the job that ITT promised that she too will be gone! Please give us a glimmer of hope for a bright future

    • The only thing I got out of that comment is that your son’s girlfriend is a gold digger….tell him to get rid of her now!

  42. Does the Dept of Education have a website of schools that are not in compliance with their regulations and in jeopardy of being closed? Now that my husband has to continue his education in a new school, we would like to know which schools NOT to consider.

    • Basically any home school (k-12), private school, or for-profit school. Its a part of their attempt to dumb down America making quality education IMPOSSIBLE to find.

  43. Does the Department of Education have a website of schools that are not in compliance that students can avoid when trying to find a school to continue their education?

  44. Ok so what’s next for me? A passed all my classes for my assistant degree on the 5th of September. Then 3 days latter I find out I have no degree. So I don’t know do I have to start over or is there a school I can go to so that I don’t have to start over and go another 2 years for something I already know. When everything went down I was upset like most all the students but had to look at it like this. Ya I have no degree on paper this is true but I still have the knowledge and that’s something no one can take from me.

    • What’s worse is that you fall into that exception area (completed coursework but no diploma) where Dr King has specifically stated he will not forgive your student loans.

    • Kendrick, I really don’t even know where to start with your statement:
      What kind of degree? assistant degree???
      Then 3 days latter I find out I have no degree. Who says?
      So I don’t know do I have to start over or is there a school I can go to so that I don’t have to start over and go another 2 years for something I already know.
      No college is obligated to take any other college’s credits. (Not even from a state college to a state college). You have to ask around. Depending on what this “assistant degree” (associates?) was in, you may be able to couple your ITT credits with some industry certifications (ie CompTIA, CISCO, and Microsoft for the IT field, and ISCET for the Electronics field). That might help bolster your request for credit transfer.
      I hope this helps…

  45. I went to itt technical Institute from 2005 to 2009 and graduated with a bachelors degree in criminal justice and was completely lied to and scammed now im stuck with a useless degree and a huge dept that has ruined my life. Will my loans be wiped clean now that itt tech is closing the doors??

  46. I would like to know the same thing Adam asked, as would the rest of my graduation class: “Why with all former graduates beyond the 120 days of this closure that have had an extremely hard time finding jobs or paying loan payments are NOT eligible for loan discharge?” I too attempted on numerous occasions and suffered the same results. Is there any help here? It seems this lawsuit has been ongoing for years so why does this only allow for graduates within 120 days to be eligible???

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