ED Publishes Report on Rural Education

A photo of the cover of the Section 5005 Final Report on Rural Education. The cover contains the U.S. Department of Education logo in the top right corner, with "U.S. Department of Education" written below it. It also contains four photos. The photo that is above the others is of students working on computers to complete assignments in a school in rural Missouri.. The photo on the bottom left is of four wind turbines on top of a green, wooded hill appear in silhouette against the gray skyline. The photo in the bottom center shows a farmer driving a tractor, with an orange reflective safety triangle attached to the back, down the street of a small town. In the background are overhead utility lines, as well as American flags and blue and white posters, commemorating a town celebration. The bottom right photo displays two signs attached to a wooden post warn drivers of approaching railroad tracks. One is an x-shaped black and white railroad crossing sign; the second is a red “yield” sign. Lower on the post is a third sign containing emergency contact information. The photos are on the background of a partly cloudy sky.The U.S. Department of Education recently published the Section 5005 Final Report on Rural Education (also known as the “Rural Report”). The Rural Report outlines actions the Department will take to meaningfully increase the involvement of rural schools and school districts in helping develop and execute Department processes, procedures, policies and regulations.

Congress mandated that the Department produce this report in Section 5005 of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), which became law on Dec. 10, 2015. This section of the ESSA requires the Department to

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