Innovation Challenge 2018: Announcing the Winners

A photo of a poster with notes taken from the Reimagining the Higher Education Ecosystem ceremony. The poster contains the #EDU2030 hashtag at the top left, quotes from Secretary Betsy DeVos's speech, notes from various pieces of information from the winners' projects, in a variety of colors with graphs and smaller images to illustrate topics presented.We are excited to announce the winners of the Reimagining the Higher Education Ecosystem Challenge. Through this challenge, we called upon educators, students, policymakers, industry leaders, technology developers, and the public to develop bold ideas to reimagine what the higher education ecosystem will look like in 2030 and concrete actions that we can take today to move us in that direction. These bold ideas would ensure all learners, regardless of background, can acquire the skills they need to find meaningful work and live fulfilling, economically stable lives. The concrete actions would be pilots or partnerships that could be implemented immediately and would make transformative impact on the way we work and learn.

We focused on three opportunity areas that we consider ripe for innovation: curating lifelong learning pathways that support learners in obtaining rewarding work; creating a marketplace for learning that enables students to effectively track and share the skills they acquire; and leveraging emerging technology to improve individual learning.

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