Open Letter Sessions—Adi

This month’s guest blogger is Adi, a 18-year-old college student from California. He is presently an early education teacher at a preschool, working with 1-2-year olds. In this Open Letter Session, he writes a letter to his past self as a reflection of his journey.  

Dear Adi,  

It’s 5 years in the future and you did it! You are living the life that you dreamed of. You are a teacher. I know there have been times where the obstacles seemed insurmountable and you questioned whether or not you would live to see this day, but you persevered. I know you often felt like you had to make this choice between living your truth and pursuing your passion for teaching, but I’m excited to tell you that you don’t have to make that choice because the future is one of acceptance and equality, where people are judged based solely on their character. 

I know there have been many times when you have been scared to pursue teaching, thinking that it was better to quit before the world had a chance to reject you. Remember when you threw yourself into researching other careers because you were convinced that teaching just wasn’t an option for a transgender person like you? I’m so glad you didn’t listen to those fears, that you found the courage to keep going. I’m happy that you were able to find and talk with other teachers that you trusted, and that they were able to show you that being a teacher was not out of reach for you. As it turns out, being a transgender teacher has actually been a huge advantage and not a hinderance, like you thought it would be. You didn’t have to choose between what you love and who you are. What you feared would hold you back is actually what makes you such a great teacher.   

You started teaching about a year ago, and you love it as much as you thought you would. You teach academics but you also focus on teaching love, acceptance, and equality. Your classroom has become a safe haven, a place where students come to feel loved. You are helping a new generation of students understand the importance of treating people with respect, kindness, and compassion. You are changing the lives of your students, just like you’d hoped you would. 

I hope this letter will give you comfort, as you continue to work towards your goals.  Not only do you have a future doing something you love but you live a life filled with acceptance. It’s all you’ve ever wanted and it’s amazing!